Special Announcements


2 6 p.m. Marketing Committee on Zoom
4 10 a.m. East Greenwich #4 meeting. Last chance to capture the Travel Gavel!
10:30 a.m. Pledge meeting at East Greenwich. Contact Mom Kate for details.
6 Deadline for Rhode Island Grand Assembly registration
10 5 p.m. JGEC at Hannah’s
11 8:45 a.m. Gaspee Day parade – meet at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1000 Narragansett Parkway, Warwick. Dress for the weather in IORG shirt and shorts/slacks and sneakers. This is an event towards Grand Assembly credits 2023.
2 p.m. South Kingstown bowling event. Invite your friends to attend this fun event and help this Assembly rebuild!
12 1 p.m. Reading with RI Rainbow Picnic at Masonic Youth Center. Bring a book or books for Books Are Wings organization. Bring your own picnic lunch. Join us for jungle-themed games and crafts. Friends are encouraged! (see flyer)
15 Restaurant fundraiser at Pizzeria Uno, Smithfield. Use coupon attached to this email. Invite family and friends.
Deadline to submit Scholarship applications from Rhode Island Rainbow Girls Foundation. See more details in this newsletter. Can be found under Girls’ Resources, www.rirainbowgirls.org
18 4 p.m. Drill rehearsal for Grand Assembly at East Greenwich for all Grand Officers and substitutes
24-26 Maine AND Massachusetts Grand Assemblies
25 4-6 p.m. Warwick Assembly’s Spaghetti Dinner at Scottish Rite, $15. See flyer below for details on reservations and Hasbro collection.
27 6:30 p.m. Rehearsal for Grand Assembly at Woodridge for all Grand Officers and substitutes

1-3 New Hampshire Grand Assembly
6 Grand Assembly paraphernalia picked up from storage unit
7 12 noon JGEC arrive at Crowne Plaza
7 6 p.m. Rehearsal for Grand Assembly at Crowne Plaza
8-10 Rhode Island Grand Assembly at Crowne Plaza
16 12 noon Essex Steam Train fun trip with Rainbow of Promise, Order of the Eastern Star in Essex, CT; $32 for a train and boat ride.

14 Grand Lodge Picnic at Masonic Youth Center. Contact Mom Therrien for tickets. This is an event for ALL of the Masonic Family.
20 Grand Officers’ Day at Woodridge
28 DeMolay Conclave
Check the Google calendar for these dates too

Supreme Assembly sessions July 31-August 3: Rhode Island will travel via airplane on July 29 and return on August 5. If you have made the down payments, Mom Miller will keep you updated.

We would encourage you attend other Assemblies’ virtual meetings. Please contact the Mother Advisor to receive the link and for details. Their contact information is in your Grand Assembly program book.

Grand Assembly Calendar


Maine Grand Assembly June 24-26 Kora Shrine Center, Lewiston, ME. Payment due 5/15.
Massachusetts Grand Assembly June 24-25 DoubleTree by Hilton, Danvers, MA. Details to be released soon.
New Hampshire Grand Assembly July 1-3 Radisson, Nashua, NH. Payment due 5/25.
Request forms at rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com


Hello to all! This year I have the pleasure of serving Rhode Island Rainbow as Miss Service. Since I was a little girl, reading has always been my favorite leisure time activity. Every book has a story that takes us on a memorable adventure with such beloved, comical characters. And from these stories, we can learn a lot about the world and ourselves. With this being said, I have chosen to do my Miss Service project on reading! To do this, I’ve planned to have online readings through Facebook Live where I will read The Jungle Book, to go along with Michaela’s theme. These events will take place the first Sunday of each month at 7:00pm ET. I’ve asked Michaela to join me. Along with reading, I will try to have an interaction from 7:30 until 7:45pm to discuss the book. This will be similar to a book club. Discussions will be conducted by viewers writing their comments on the livestream to spark a fruitful discussion.

Reading with RI Rainbow Picnic
June 12th at 1pm
Masonic Youth Center, Warwick

Please bring your own picnic and a book for the "Books are for Wings" Organization. Join us for a fun day filled with Jungle themed crafts, games and more!
Hannah P


Scholarship assistance may be given to all current active Rainbow Girls who are members in good standing of a Rainbow Assembly in the State of Rhode Island. Although you are encouraged to apply during your senior year in high school you may apply at any time and reapply for a maximum of 4 years. You must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average and be considered a full-time student with at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

You make application through the Mother Advisor of your local Assembly, through the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, or you may download all forms from the rirainbowgirls.org website under the girl’s resource link.

Each girl must give detailed information on the form provided by the committee, and when completed, forward all information to the chairperson of the committee (Donna Fox).

All information and correspondence relating to scholarship applications and their consideration, favorable or unfavorable, is strictly confidential and should be so regarded by all concerned.

First time applicants please provide the following with your application:
1) A minimum of two letters of recommendation (do not ask the Mother Advisor)
Do not ask more than one advisory board member.
2) A copy of your current dues card
3) A transcript of current grades or a copy of the most recent semester report
4) A copy of your acceptance letter

Your application MUST be filed with the committee on or before June 15th . Half (1/2) of the scholarship amount will be payable in time for the fall term with the balance payable after receipt of your fall semester grades. Please mail or email your graded to the chairman no later than January 15th. If you are unable to attend school, you will be expected to return all scholarship funds that you received to the Rhode Island Rainbow Girls’ Foundation!

***Please note due to the recent enactment of the Rhode Island Promise those being accepted and attending the Community College of Rhode Island may still apply for other costs such as books, lab fees and transportation.
Those reapplying for subsequent years please provides the following with your application:
1) A current copy of your transcript and/or semester report
2) A copy of current dues card.
Scholarship Committee
Rhode Island Rainbow Girls Foundation, Inc.
Grand Assembly of Rhode Island International Order of the Rainbow for Girls/p>

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Individual: Decorate animals (choice of 3 designs to be provided). Age groups: Pledge, ages 11-16, and ages 17-21. Prizes: special baked good for Pledge Sisters and $25 gift card for each age group of Rainbow Girls.

Assembly: Create a video including a tree design (to be provided. Prize: choice of $50 gift card or check.

Travel Gavel: Still at East Greenwich Assembly. Their next meeting will be held on June 4th at 10 a.m. Based on percentage attendance and includes a point system for all assemblies attending. Mother Advisors and Grand Deputies have received full instructions.

Session T shirt photo contest: Take a photograph of yourself and/or others wearing your 2021-22 blue session T shirt with the monkey on the back. Email it to rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com, then it will be posted on Facebook to promote our organization. It will include the hashtag, rainbowinthewild. Stay tuned for more details.

Newsletter contest: For the June contest, please find the photograph of the monkey welcoming summer. Take a photograph/screenshot of it, then send it to rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com by your Assembly’s next meeting date. Congratulations to the May participants: Madeline and Sarah. ALL girls are encouraged to participate and will receive a prize at the 2022 Grand Assembly Banquet. This is your last chance to participate!

Ritual Proficiency has been rescheduled to this Saturday, June 4th at 12pm at East Greenwich Assembly. If you pre-registered, you have received a separate email. Iif you know of anyone who didn't pre-register and still wants to participate, they still can and Saturday will be their last chance until next year. Dress code is Rainbow business casual for this year. If you have any questions, please contact Mom Katie or Mom Kate.


Per the Supreme Assembly website, the development of skills in the areas of memorization, presentation, and public speaking is important for our members to attain as they progress through their years in Rainbow. To give girls the opportunity to know how well they are progressing, Supreme Assembly is establishing a Proficiency/Membership program, open to all active Rainbow members. There are four levels of Proficiency, with each level having either 10, 15, or 20 questions and answers, that must be completed before proceeding to the next level.
There will be over one hundred (100) questions available for you to select on each level. When you select your questions, move to the first level and then use your Traditional or Contemporary Ritual, Gold Book, Book of Traditions Instruction, and/or your Statutes of Supreme Assembly (2018) to find and memorize your answers. Each level will need to have a new set of questions and answers.
You have from August 2020 until July of 2022 to earn your ribbons and Centennial Proficiency Pin!
Mom Sam Riebe will be the State Coordinator and each Assembly should have their Coordinator contact her.

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"