Special Announcements



3 Deadline for Rhode Island Grand Assembly registration
10:30am Pledge initiation at Woodridge
4pm Drill rehearsal for all Grand Officers and substitutes at EG
5pm All members are invited to help fill purses for Purses of Empowerment at EG
6 7pm Grand Assembly Committee meeting at EG
10 Gaspee Day parade. Details in Sarah's message.
15 Deadline for scholarship applications to Mom Fox
Restaurant fundraiser at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Cranston
17 10-12:30 South Kingstown 300th Anniversary parade. All are encouraged to attend! Details in Sarah's message.
Regressive Dinner will be rescheduled. Watch for details.
23-25 Massachusetts Grand Assembly
26 6:30pm Grand Assembly rehearsal for all Grand Officers and substitutes at Woodridge


30-July 2 New Hampshire Grand Assembly
5 5:30pm Load Grand Assembly paraphernalia onto the truck
6 6pm Grand Assembly rehearsal for all Grand Officers and substitutes at Crowne Plaza
7-9 Rhode Island Grand Assembly


13 Grand Lodge Picnic at Masonic Youth Center, Warwick. Members of IORG will do temporary tattoos and receive a free meal, but must sign up with their Mother Advisor. Wear your new session T shirt. More details will be shared as they become available.

Thank you to the adult advisors who attended the mandatory Youth Protection educational session and those who have watched the one-hour session that was recorded. The feedback has been positive. The goal of this session is to increase our knowledge and understanding of gender identities and uses of pronouns. If you are an adult advisor and have not received the link to the recorded session, please email rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com.

The next Grand Assembly meeting will be June 6th at 7:00 PM at North Kingstown where EG#4 meets. Please save the date now! All are welcome! We would like to have at least one girl and one adult from each assembly to be sure everyone has the most current information.
If you would like to be part of this year’s team, please contact the following Chairs, Mom Missy (maeedwmom@aol.com) or Mom Ellen (jande2577@verizon.net). Registration – Kim Harrison & Stephanie Culhane, Clothing – Deanna Gillis, Security - Chris Ellis, Audio – James Ogilvie, Hospitality – Erin Edwards-Laliberte, Paraphernalia – Hannah Lawson & Holly Dunford, Jewelry – Julie Pickel & Tami Ringeling, Drawing Baskets – Katie DiPrete, Rainbow Grams – Barbara Parisella, First Aid Team – Robin Deitrick, Pool (Sat. 1-3 PM) – Julie Pickel & Jackie King. All volunteers must complete an adult worker profile and have a current BCI.

Purses of Empowerment is a service project of our Supreme Worthy Advisor, Kay Letterman that will run through July 31, 2023. We started collecting the items at the Grand Cross Luncheon and were thrilled with the response. We filled 52 purses on January 21st, and they were delivered today to the Elizabeth Buffum Chase House.
All are invited to fill purses on June 3rd at 5 pm at East Greenwich #4.

Toothbrushes Small notepads Body wash Band Aids Lotion Deodorant Toothpaste Pens Shampoo Lip balm Pocket tissues Socks Hair ties Comb/brush Hand sanitizer Feminine hygiene items Gently used purses are needed, but they must close. Travel size items fit best.


Scholarship assistance may be given to all current active Rainbow Girls who are members in good standing of a Rainbow Assembly in the State of Rhode Island. Although you are encouraged to apply during your senior year in high school you may apply at any time and reapply for a maximum of 4 years. You must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average and be considered a full-time student with at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

You make application through the Mother Advisor of your local Assembly, through the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, or you may download all forms from the rirainbowgirls.org website under the girl’s resource link.

Each girl must give detailed information on the form provided by the committee, and when completed, forward all information to the chairperson of the committee (Donna Fox).

All information and correspondence relating to scholarship applications and their consideration, favorable or unfavorable, is strictly confidential and should be so regarded by all concerned.

First time applicants please provide the following with your application:
1) A minimum of two letters of recommendation (do not ask the Mother Advisor)
Do not ask more than one advisory board member.
2) A copy of your current dues card
3) A transcript of current grades or a copy of the most recent semester report
4) A copy of your acceptance letter

Your application MUST be filed with the committee on or before June 15th . Half (1/2) of the scholarship amount will be payable in time for the fall term with the balance payable after receipt of your fall semester grades. Please mail or email your graded to the chairman no later than January 15th. If you are unable to attend school, you will be expected to return all scholarship funds that you received to the Rhode Island Rainbow Girls’ Foundation!

***Please note due to the recent enactment of the Rhode Island Promise those being accepted and attending the Community College of Rhode Island may still apply for other costs such as books, lab fees and transportation.
Those reapplying for subsequent years please provides the following with your application:
1) A current copy of your transcript and/or semester report
2) A copy of current dues card.
Scholarship Committee
Rhode Island Rainbow Girls Foundation, Inc.
Grand Assembly of Rhode Island International Order of the Rainbow for Girls/p>

The next restaurant fundraiser will be held on Thursday, June 15th at Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza in Garden City, Cranston. Please print the coupon attached to the newsletter or on the home page and give it to your server. Invite your family and friends too.

Gift Card Program
You can order gift cards at the RaiseRight app or www.shopwithscrip.com or contact Donna Fox or rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com. There is a wide variety of businesses and denominations available throughout the year. A portion of all sales goes to Rhode Island Grand Assembly. Mom Fox will place orders on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Individual: A honey pot overflowing with your dreams. Samples will be available at Leadership Conference 2023.

Assembly: Updated Assembly of the Year. Contest starts 7/10/22. Use this link to access the rules,
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hf0mIu- jqPF4nl6GSbNFoK6AajGc4jQmtwQhZJvPe2M/edit.
Use this link for the point tracker form,
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iij6ZfQslOa5TJ6fcUSp0umJ- ZFSSmemW9t8yengsR8/edit?ts=630d013a.
Questions should be directed to JGEC at Rhodeislandjgec@gmail.com.

Newsletter contest: Each month, please find the name of a Winnie the Pooh character in a different font. As soon as you find it, take a photograph/screenshot of it, then send it to rhodeislandiorg@gmail.com. The current month’s contest ends when the next month’s newsletter is emailed.

2022 – 2024

Membership and service will be a primary focus during the 2022-2024 session of Walking through Life with Rainbow. As an incentive, members can build a beautiful Pandora- style charm bracelet as they meet the criteria set forth below.

• The Red charm signifying Love, and in particular your love of Our Order, will only be awarded to first-line signers on an Applicatlon for Membership or to those who are the second-line slgners on two Applications for Membership.

• Additional charms will be awarded, in order, based on 20 hours of community service. Service hours reported at a member`s local assembly should be included in this program. The goal is for our members to have a complete charm bracelet at the end of two years.

• Community service is herein defined as: participation in your Grand Jurisdiction's statewide service project; participation in a local assembly's term service project; and/or independent, uncompensated community service. Examples of independent, uncompensated community service includes but is not limited to: cleaning a park, providing uncompensated tutoring to a non-family member, providing uncompensated babysitting for a non-family member, etc.

• The bracelet comes in sizes 7.5, 8, or 8.5. Please select your size when ordering. Adults who wish to participate in this program may also report their service hours -for adults only. the Red charm will be earned with the first 20 hours of service. Adults are asked to pay a one-time fee of $9.50 to cover the cost of the bracelet. Information for members and adults, and the one-time fee of $9.50 per participating adult, should be sent to the Mom Sam Riebe, who will then submit the order form and money to Supreme Assembly.

Look for our GWA wearing the bracelet at our upcoming events.

Submit your service hours to Mom Sam Riebe at x_kittyfan_x@hotmail.com. Look for Sarah wearing the bracelet to see how nice it is! Those who are top-line or second-line signers on membership applications will also earn a shoe charm.
Our first charms will be presented at the Awards’ Banquet at Grand Assembly.

This merchandise is available for sale. Contact Mom Therrien to arrange for a delivery.
Items with RI logo:
Navy fleece jacket, $22
Green hoodie, $26
Duffel bag, $20
Items with IORG emblem:
Campfire mug, $6
Pop socket, $12
Portfolio, $16
Drawstring bag, $5 (specify red, orange, yellow, or green)
Short sleeve 2022-23 T shirt, $13 (Sarah’s)
Long sleeve 2022-23 T shirt $15
White polo shirt, $12
Sweatpants, $25 (specify navy or charcoal).
Jacket in sweatshirt material, $16-18. Various colors and sizes available. Pajama pants, black plaid with emblem in pink, $20 (Also, 1 pair of small royal blue pajama pants with emblem in black embroidery)
Limited sizes available on several items. Shop early to get your size!


Grand Assembly now owns a Cricut! Use this form to order personalization on your portfolio. Cost is $3. Deadline to order for Grand Assembly delivery is June 24th . personalization form

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"