A message from our Supreme Inspector

Dear Girls and Advisors,

This Grand year is almost completed. Thanks to all who made the year such a success whether you are a Rainbow Girl or an advisor. Each of you played an important part. I look forward to working with you again next year.

It is definitely travel season and Morgan, Amanda Mom Pal, and I have just returned from Oklahoma Grand Assembly and visiting at the Supreme Temple. We had a great trip. I also heard what a wonderful time everyone had at Maine's Grand Sessions. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are coming up before Grand Assembly and hopefully some of you will go support them as well.

Andrea and I plan on attending Virginia, Vermont, and New Jersey before the end of the summer. Let me know if you want to travel with us.

Don't forget about walking in the parade. This is a good way for us to get seen. Come share your Rainbow spirit!!

In case you did not know, my lynngeb@aol.com account was hacked about ten days ago. It wiped out all my contacts so it has taken longer to get all of the notices out since my return from Oklahoma. Please bear with me.

Just a quick reminder that if there is someone in your assembly that has not been receiving the Connection and would like to she/he needs to send an email from the email she wants us to use to rigrandassembly@aol.com to get added to the list. We are pleased to send the newsletter to anyone who would like it.

Keeping your Rainbow in my heart,

Mom Lynn

GIFT CARDS!! Don't forget the gift card program. Mom Fox will send orders in each month so that they will be in for our next big event. What a great way to support Rainbow without a lot of hard work and extra effort. Don't forget that the Holidays are coming. Get ahead of your holiday shopping and shop with us. Go to https://www.glscrip.com and then retailer list to see which cards you may order.

Amazonsmile RI Grand is now signed up on Amazonsmile and will get a small percentage every time you order through them. Nothing costs you extra but we do get something. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/05- 6013531


Campbell's labels for the Shriners - Grand Love - Anita Marie
Pennies - Grand Fidelity - Michaela
Remember to cash your pennies in and bring a check with you to Grand Assembly.

Supplies for our Troops- Grand Patriotism- Katy
Soda Tabs for the Shriners- Grand Immortality- Eryka
Stuffed Animals and Blankets for Foster Children- Grand Choir Director, Julia, and the Grand Choir

Hopefully, each person that comes to your Temples will bring one thing for one of the boxes to each meeting or activity. They will all soon be full if we do that!!!