A message from our Supreme Deputy

Dear Rainbow Girls, Advisors, and Friends,

First, I wish to thank you for the words of welcome as I begin my work as Supreme Deputy. I am humbled to be chosen to fill this position. I would again like to thank Mom Lynn for her MANY years of service to R.I. Rainbow as its Supreme Deputy then Inspector.

I have recently completed many of my "firsts" - Grand Executive Committee meeting, Grand Deputies' meeting, Mother Advisors' meeting, Junior Grand Executive Committee meeting, and Supreme Assembly - as your Supreme Deputy. While I have attended most of these meetings at some point in my life previously, it is a new perspective attending them in my new position.

I have two goals for the near future:

First, I am forming a Marketing Committee. The purpose of this committee will be to give us a more prominent presence on the internet via Facebook, Instagram, and other media outlets; to optimize our branding by using the official IORG emblem on all of our materials; and to promote our organization at public events. This new committee will be meeting in the Fall. I have had 4 people volunteer to be on the committee so far. If you are interested in serving on the Marketing Committee, or want further information, please contact me.

Second, I want a Pledge Group to be associated with each of our assemblies. I strongly believe that we must get girls to join our organization at a younger age, before they get involved in sports or other organizations. We KNOW what great benefits IORG has to offer, and we need to spread our message to others! If you are interested in being a Pledge Mother, or in organizing a Pledge Group at your assembly, please contact me. I would love to hold regular Pledge Mother meetings, just like I hold Mother Advisor meetings!

I can be contacted via email, Facebook message, telephone call on the land line or cell, or via text message. I most always respond within 24 hours, and usually much sooner.

As many of you know, I am currently the Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of R.I., Order of the Eastern Star. This is a busy time for me as I prepare for the Grand Chapter Sessions (which is comparable to our Grand Assembly) on October 11-13. I appreciate your patience and understanding until I can devote even more of my time to R.I. Rainbow.

Together, as a TEAM, we will do WONDERFUL things for R.I. Rainbow!

Forever the Rainbow,

Mom Therrien

GIFT CARDS!! GIFT CARDS: Don't forget the gift card program. Mom Fox will send orders in each month or so in order that they will be in for an upcoming event. This is a great way to support R.I. Rainbow without a lot of hard work and extra effort. Please consider shopping with us. Go to https://www.glscrip.com and then retailer list to see which cards you may order.

Amazonsmile RI Grand is now signed up on Amazonsmile and will get a small percentage every time you order through them. Nothing costs you extra but we do get something. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/05- 6013531


Pennies for Supreme Temple Fund- Grand Love, Fallon C

Supplies for our Troops- Grand Patriotism, Hallie P

Soda Tabs for the Shriners-Grand Nature, Hannah P
Message: "Hello everyone! My name is Hannah P. This year I am collecting soda tabs for the Shriners Hospital. Soda tabs may be given to me at any grand function or at any time you may see me, it doesn't matter, I would be more than happy to collect them anywhere. Just one thing I ask for in advance before you give them to me is to keep track of them (by weight in pounds) . Keeping track of them would be great and make my life a whole lot easier. Thank you!"

Socks for the Homeless - Grand Immortality, Abigail C
Message: This year, we are collecting socks and other clothing for the homeless. Socks are the main item, but anything is accepted.

Busy Bags for Dialysis Patients - Grand Choir Message from Grand Choir Director, Alysa T: "Hello everyone! This year the Grand Choir is collecting supplies to make busy bags for dialysis patients. Recommended supplies are coloring books, crayons, knitting supplies, books, and generally anything that can keep someone busy for up to four hours three times a week."

2018 Collection Box - guidelines are:
1. The container must be decorated by the girls.
2. It must be large enough to collect 3 months' worth of those items.
3. The container is creatively decorated in the GWA's theme and labeled as to what is being collected and for what purpose.
4. The container is displayed where all organizations who meet in your hall and their guests can see it and contribute.
5. The container must be displayed no later than your Assembly's installation meeting in September for review by the Grand Deputies.

Awards will be presented at the Hogwarts Halloween event.

Save the Shoes - We want your gently used shoes - soles intact, no holes, laces attached (if needed), dry and clean. Supreme Assembly IORG is working with Funds2Org for this purpose. Mom Lynn will have more details soon.