Pledge Girls News

The Pledge Mothers met recently to coordinate Fall meetings. They will continue to meet as a statewide group. There will be a Zoom meeting on September 11th at 1:30pm with a craft/activity. The Pledge Mothers are in the process of checking in with families to see if we should continue with Zoom meetings or start in person meetings (with an option to Zoom in if a girl isn’t able to come) for October. They are also asking parents if they would be willing to switch to the 1st or 3rd weekend of the month so we can meet when East Greenwich Assembly has meetings since the meeting location is centralized for everyone. The Pledge Mothers would prefer to meet in person but will honor the input from the parents. They hope to hold an initiation in the near future – Westerly potentially has 3 girls, Woodridge has 2 new girls, and East Greenwich has 1.

If you know of a girl between the ages of 6 and 10, invite her to a Pledge event.
East Greenwich Pledge Group is Kindness
South Kingstown Pledge Group is Friendship
Warwick Pledge Group is Happiness
Westerly Pledge Group will be named soon