A message from our Grand Worthy Advisor

February 2019
378th Edition

Hello there fellow Hogwarts students and staff!,

To begin, I hope you all had a wonderful time at Leadership Conference! The Junior Grand Executive Committee worked super hard on planning it, and I think it went really well! I'm super proud of you all.

Congratulations to all of the assemblies on wonderful installations! I wish all of you who were installed as new stations the best of luck for the upcoming term. Make sure you look over your ritual! It's never too early to start. If you were asked to fill in at an installation, you earned points for your assembly. Don't forget that you all have been emailed all the different ways you can earn points, make sure you look over them to earn as many as you can! If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, I'm happy to answer them! Please make sure you are up to date on all of your marbles and are letting Mom Barbara and/or Mom Pal know. Mother Advisors: don't forget to bring your assembly's jar and all of your marbles to Grand Officers Day!

Speaking of, March 30th is Grand Officers Day! It is at Woodridge Assembly and there is a rehearsal that morning for Grand Officers at 10am, and a rehearsal for Grand Choir at 12 noon. Girls make sure you bring yourself a lunch for that day. There will also be a rehearsal on March 17th at 1pm at Westerly Assembly. If you are not able to go you need to let either myself or Mom Therrien know. As of right now, we have two girls to be initiated, hopefully with all of the prospect events coming up we'll get a few more! Grand Officers, please make sure you are looking at your ritual. We want to make their initiations as magical as we can! This is also your last chance to earn an I Said My Part Perfectly pin for this year!

If you are planning to travel to any out of state Grand Assembly's coming up, please let me know! I want to travel as much as I can with you this year!