A message from our Grand Worthy Advisor

March 2018
369th Edition

Salutations Explorers,

Welcome March! First, it was wonderful attending your installations! I always enjoy installation season and seeing the new plans, themes, and officers! Congratulations and good luck to you all!

It's a great month because this month we celebrate Pi Day! Take some time this month to look up some facts or puns on this great mathematical constant and to eat some pie! If you find a good pun, send it over to me and maybe I will feature it in my "the Book" for Grand Assembly!

Candy selling season has begun! I wish you all good luck on your candy sales! Remember to stay safe when out selling candy, whether it's you or with your assembly; and on that note: stay safe when out asking local businesses to buy sponsorships for Grand Assembly as well! Keep in mind that those sponsorships you obtain will go towards your Grand Assembly expenses!

March also starts Grand Assembly season! I look forward to seeing you in my travels throughout the next few months. This month I plan on attending Maryland Grand Assembly with Mom Lynn and our Grand Recorder and Historian, Michaela Ringeling. Connecticut Grand Assembly is also this month. I know a few girls are planning on attending that as well.

March 18th at Westerly Assembly will be the first Grand Officers' rehearsal for Grand Officers' Day. Grand Officers' Day will be March 31st at East Greenwich Assembly. Grand Officers please keep an eye on your emails for information regarding coming events or rehearsals in the next few months. I hope you all have a wonderful Pi Day, Ides of March, and St. Patrick's Day! .

Live long and prosper,


What do you call a snake that is exactly 3.14 feet long?
A PI-thon

    Theme: Explore the Possibilities with Rhode Island Rainbow
    Motto: Think Like a Proton-- Be Positive!
    Colors: Ultraviolet Purple, Copper Sulfate Green Cosmic Blue
    Charity: Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA)
    Mascots: Microbes
    Symbols: Atoms and Pi
    Song: Pure Imagination
    Flower: Carnation