A message from our Grand Worthy Advisor

Hello and Welcome to Rhode Island Rainbow’s jurisdictional site. This year Rhode Island Rainbow is Finding the Key to our Dreams with the help from the Characters of Alice in Wonderland. Rainbow can open the door to new opportunities and give the girls the confidence to know that they can accomplish any goal that they set for themselves.

Since I have joined this organization, I have gained the confidence to be a leader, I am not afraid to speak in public, and I know I can help to make a difference in the community. I have had opportunities to travel to new places and made life long friendships not only across the country but all over the world.


Grand Worthy Advisor's Newsletter
390th Edition, April 2020

Hello there to all of my fellow Rainbow Sisters and Friends!

First of all, thank you to all who tuned in to our virtual Grand Officers Day. It was wonderful to see so many attend under the circumstances. Even though we were not able to do ritual work or bring in our new sisters this month, I know the Grand Officers still loved seeing everyone. Congratulations to Liz on your Supreme Appointments for Supreme Assembly in Reno this Summer. Rhode Island is very excited for you.
Also, a massive congratulations to these three ladies: Hannah, Fallon and Abby on receiving their Grand Cross appointments! All of you deserve this great honor. Thank you to both the girls and advisors who participated in the Rhode Island Rainbow logo contest. I can't wait to see what the winning submission will be.
Grand Representatives' Day is on May 16th at 1:30pm at Pawtucket Assembly. This year the Grand Representatives will be decorating a hat of their choosing that represents their states. Be creative and have fun with it. If you have not heard or found any information about your state or country, please get in contact with Mom Dawn. I can’t wait to hear your reports and see what you create.
This year for Grand Assembly, each assembly will be decorating a teacup that represents their Assembly. The JGEC has your teacup so they will all be the same size. They will be distributed when it is safe to do so. I can’t wait to see your creations at Grand Assembly.
During this hectic time, sadly many events have gotten cancelled or postponed until further notice. Our Grand Charity’s Queen of Hearts Ball was sadly cancelled this month, however the silent auction portion will still take place on Facebook Live on April 18th. Please tune in to the live event to support our charity. Invite your friends and family to also tune in. All the proceeds from the auction will be going to our Charity this year, the American Heart Association. For more details please contact our Grand Charity, Miss Michaela Ringeling.
Finally, please stay safe and keep washing your hands. Keep practicing your ritual whether it's for your local assembly or for Grand Assembly, and always remember to try to practice the lessons we learn from our color stations.

In Rainbow Dreams,

Quote: “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” Lewis Carroll, Author of Alice in Wonderland

Past Grand Worthy Advisors
Grand Assembly of Rhode Island
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

  • November 1940 JEAN PATCHEN ELLIOT Cranston No. 2
  • April 1941 NORMA GARDINER FINFROCK South Kingstown No. 6
  • May 1942 LOIS NORTHUP HARPER East Greenwich No. 4
  • April 1943 ERVILLA MUNGER STRAIGHT Providence No. 1
  • October 1944 RETA MACDONALD WHITNEY Newport No. 5
  • November 1945 PEARL PARRY TAPLEY Westerly No. 7
  • November 1946 NORMA DUCKWORTH VIVIAN Pawtucket No. 3
  • November 1947 NATALIE BAILEY PERRY Pawtuxet Valley No. 8
  • November 1948 DOROTHY MARKHAM GREEN East Greenwich No. 4
  • November 1949 * JOAN O. KNOWLES Pawtucket No. 3
  • November 1950 BEVERLY BEEBE LAWTON Newport No. 5
  • November 1951 DOROTHY KARLSSON ROVANE Riverside No. 9
  • November 1952 DOROTHY SULLIVAN Providence No. 1
  • March 1954 JOAN DUMELOW KLOCKARS Pawtuxet Valley No. 8
  • March 1955 DOROTHY E. DALEY SANDERS Cranston No. 2
  • September 1955 KAY LOUISE TERWILLIGER DUCHARME Cranston No. 2
  • September 1956 BARBARA SIDEBOTTOM FALLON Westerly No. 7
  • June 1957 ANN KENYON ADAMS South Kingstown No. 6
  • June 1958 RUTH RIDGEWELL DOYLE Woodridge No. 10
  • June 1959 CAROL ANN IZZARD Centerdale No. 12
  • June 1960 ROBERTA TULLY NAGEL North Kingstown No. 11
  • June 1961 JUDITH LEWIS WILLIAMS Pawtucket No. 3
  • June 1962 BARBARA BURBANK South Kingstown No. 6
  • June 1963 KAREN RUSACK DIPADUA Pawtuxet Valley No. 8
  • June 1964 SHARON EDDY KOSCH East Greenwich No. 4
  • June 1965 PAMELA HINCKS LUKOWICZ Woodridge No. 10
  • June 1966 CATHERINE M. GRISWOLD COPELLA Riverside No. 8
  • June 1967 JANA RUTH MOWRY BRADISH Providence No. 1
  • June 1968 LINDA TURILLO LEVESQUE Newport No. 5
  • June 1969 IRENE M. CHAHARYN GALUSZKA Woonsocket No. 13
  • June 1970 LINDA J. FINCH WIEDEMANN Westerly No. 7
  • June 1971 JUDITH MEDBURY BIRNIE North Scituate No. 14
  • June 1972 CECILY HOMAN DOUTHIT Warwick No. 15
  • June 1973 SUSAN BOSWORTH-RILEY Bristol County No. 16
  • June 1974 KATHY S. FRATUS POLUBINSKI Riverside No. 9
  • June 1975 ESTHER R. KEVORKIAN KALAJIAN Woodridge No. 10
  • June 1976 PAMELA M. TUCKER SAWIN South Kingstown No. 6
  • June 1977 BARBARA J. NEILSON AINSLEY East Greenwich No. 4
  • June 1978 STEPHANIE TABER PRINCE North Kingstown No. 11
  • June 1979 MARILYN A KIRKMAN JEPSON Providence No. 1
  • June 1980 DEBORAH L. KNIGHT THERRIEN Pawtuxet Valley No. 8
  • June 1981 * CHERYL ANN FAULKNER DOWnInG Cranston No. 2
  • June 1982 MARCIA DAVIE-ESPSTEIN East Greenwich No. 4
  • June 1983 REBECCA KAUFMAN SPECHT Pawtucket No. 3
  • June 1984 DIANE L. WARD Murphy Riverside No. 9
  • June 1985 CONNIE J. DAVIS KOWAL Westerly No. 7
  • June 1986 KAREN E. SMITH SULLIVAN Centerdale No. 12
  • June 1987 DIANE K. JOHNSON CHAPLIN East Greenwich No. 4
  • June 1988 BARBARA A. DIETZEL PARISELLA Pawtuxet Valley No. 8
  • June 1989 MELISSA M. GERMOND PATRONE North Scituate No. 14
  • June 1990 JULIE A. PLEMMONS PICKEL East Greenwich No. 4
  • June 1991 KATHLEEN L. MARLER LINDSAY Woodridge No. 10
  • June 1992 BETHANY L. OGILVIE OUELLETTE Woodridge No. 10
  • July 1993 KIMBERLY R. ALLEN HARRISON Cranston No. 2
  • July 1994 DAWN M. MITCHELL-WINTERS Westerly No. 7
  • July 1995 KRISTEN M. ALLEN LAWSON Cranston No. 2
  • July 1996 ELIZABETH D. D’AGOSTINO DWYER North Scituate No. 14
  • July 1997 KATHLEEN L. HACKETT YOUNG Greene No. 12
  • July 1998 KRISTINE A. LITTLEFIELD DURANT Newport No. 5
  • July 1999 HOLLY M. JOHNSON-RIEL Pawtuxet Valley, No. 8
  • July 2000 STEPHANIE FARRAR North Scituate No. 14
  • July 2001 JENNIFER SHAKOORI Murphy Woodridge No. 10
  • July 2002 KRISTINA A. NEWMAN BERCHER East Greenwich No. 4
  • July 2003 KATHLEEN SHERPEY Moore Warwick No. 15
  • July 2004 CORRINE CARNEVALE Mang Warwick No. 15
  • July 2005 KAITLIN MacDONALD East Greenwich No. 4
  • July 2006 ASHLEY N. DEITRICK Dolgner South Kingstown No. 6
  • July 2007 AMY L. DEITRICK South Kingstown No. 6
  • July 2008 KENDRA M. YOUNG Westerly No. 7
  • July 2009 KRISTEN L. HARRISON Woodridge No. 10
  • July 2010 KATHERINE MILLER THOMPSON South Kingstown No. 6
  • July 2011 LAURA FLYNN Warwick No. 15
  • July 2012 KATHLEEN HODGE DIPRETE East Greenwich No. 4
  • July 2013 CHRISTINA LONGO Westerly No. 7
  • July 2014 ERIN FLYNN Warwick No. 15
  • July 2015 HEATHER DUNFORD East Greenwich No. 4
  • July 2016 MORGAN GRACE Westerly No. 7
  • July 2017 ANDREA BARRAGAN0TOVAR Warwick No. 15
  • July 2018 HANNAH LAWSON Woodridge No. 10
  • July 2019 HOLLY DUNFORD East Greenwich No. 4
  • * = Deceased