Rainbow Girl's Resources

Business Sponsorship Form
Money for Grand Assembly
Booster Form
Sponsor Form
Remember When Form
Business Letter
Dress Code
Assembly of the Year Point Tracker
Assembly of the Year Instructions
Attendance Slips
Grand Representative Reimbursement Application
GWA Reimbursement Application
GWAA Reimbursement Application

Project Planning
Planning for a Supper
Planning Thons
Planning a Dance
Planning a Prospect Event
Sample donation letter- certificate or gift
Sample donation of food item

Contests for 2016-2017

Ritual Competition

Cats' Meow Pins for bringing in new members
One new member- Red pin
Second new member- Orange and yellow pins
Third new member- Green and blue pins
Fourth new member- Indigo and violet pins
Fifth new member and any new members after that- Gold pin
Forms to Ms. Debbie Hopkins, GEC

Supreme Assembly Membership Awards- See separate sheet
---Forms to Barbara Parisella, PGWA, GEC

Merit Bars

Merit bar requirements (3-page document)

Scholarship Information

Scholarship application

2018 Rhode Island Masonic Scholarship Sources and Information

Grand Family Applications

Grand Representative Application

Grand Choir Application

JGEC Application

Grand Office Application

Miss Service - Click here for details on the Miss Service Award

And here for the application