Assembly News

South Kingstown # 6-We will be holding a prospect Carnival on September 8th. Our meeting will begin at 8am and the carnival starts at 9. It will be held at Tuckertown Picnic Shelter in Wakefield. Come out and have some fun, and help us to make this a great time. Many hands are needed to make this a success! Please invite any girl that you may think would be interested in joining Rainbow or Pledge. We do have a rain date of September 22nd, just in case. The CHiPs program will be there. Contact Mom Miller or Mom Kate with any questions.

Also, SK has the travel gavel. (To get it you must go "capture" it by having at least 25% of your assembly's girls on the books as of July 15, 2018. The Assembly that captures it the most during the year will receive an award at Grand Assembly 2019). September 8th would be a PERFECT date to have LOTS of assemblies visit, compete for the Travel Gavel, and help to grow our R.I. Rainbow at the Carnival!


Sat., September 15 6 p.m. East Greenwich Pledge Installation

Sat., September 15 7 p.m. East Greenwich Rainbow Installation

Fri., September 21 7:30 p.m. Woodridge Installation

Sat., September 22 7 p.m. Warwick Installation (SK is going to meet with Warwick)

Thurs., September 27 6:30 p.m. Pawtucket Installation (during their regular meeting)

Fri., September 28 7:30 p.m. Westerly Installation (approximate time, following Initiation at 6 p.m.)

Don't forget to have your Mother Advisors get your names to Mom Barbara Parisella to get your membership/service necklaces from Supreme.

The 2018-2020 "Friendship Blooms Where Rainbow Is Planted" session will focus on membership and service. A beautiful necklace has been selected which can be filled with the jewels of our Order. Each jewel requires either being the first-line signer on an Application for Membership OR reporting 20 hours of community service. The blue (Fidelity) jewel will be awarded for first-line signers, recognizing their fidelity to our Order by bringing in new members. All other jewels will be awarded, in order, based on 20 hours of community service. Community service, for the purpose of this program, is recognized service within each jurisdiction. That is, participation in the jurisdiction's statewide service project, a local assembly's term service project, independent service such as cleaning a park, providing uncompensated tutoring to a non-family member,uncompensated babysitting for a non-family member, etc. Service hours reported at a member's local assembly can (and should) be included in this program. The goal is for our members to have a very full necklace at the end of two years!

Adults who wish to participate are welcome to report their service hours as well. Adults are asked to pay a one-time fee of $6 to cover the cost of the necklace. Please contact Mom Barbara Parisella to earn your necklace and jewels.

Lots of fliers for girls, parents, pledges, and even alumni, pencils (only 5 cents each) with and as well as the Rainbow emblem on them are available for promotional activities as well as either one or both of our pull-up banners and a new blue table cloth that says Call Mom Therrien for these promotional items.