Assembly News

Pawtucket # 3- Please be advised that Pawtucket will be meeting with Warwick Assembly until we are able to build our membership. We would like to thank Mom Pal for ALL of her support for our Assembly. You have been such an inspiration to us and kept us strong. We are thankful for Warwick's open arms and allowing us to meet with them. We are excited for the sisterly bonds to be made as we grow together!

East Greenwich # 4-Thank you to everyone who attended our May Breakfast and our Car Wash. We will be having an informal meeting on June 1st at 10AM with sweatpants attire. After the Grand Assembly Drill Rehearsal on June 15th, we will be having a meeting at 4PM. After the meeting we will be having a Baked Potato Bar. The Grand Officers are invited to stay for dinner. It will cost $5 and please RSVP to Mom Pal or Sarah by June 13th. After the dinner we will be a movie night outside at 7PM. All are invited to attend.

South Kingstown # 6-The advisory board will have a meeting in lieu of our June 8th meeting. The date is to be determined. The pledge meeting on June 22nd will be an end of the year picnic at the Masonic Youth Center. All pledge and Rainbow girls are invited to attend. More details will be posted soon.

Westerly #7- Westerly will meet on Saturday, June 15th at 10 am after which we will work on our scrapbook. Our second meeting will be Friday, June 21st at 7 PM. Note change in usual dates. We are planning s'mores and a sleepover after the second meeting. We still have the travel gavel. Have a great summer.

Woodridge #10-Congratulations to all of the girls on amazing reports and tote bags, and congrats to Holly and all of her officers! We can't wait to see what you have in store for Rhode Island Rainbow. See you all at Grand Assembly!

Warwick #15-Mom Fox continues to accept orders for the Gift Card program. They make great gifts!

Rainbow Necklaces at the Craft Table at Grand Assembly

The price will be $20.00 each. Necklaces are 18" long. If you desire a longer necklace, it would be a different price (suggest to pre-order and specify how long please). Quantities are very limited due to the time required. We hope to be able to fulfill all the orders.

Don't forget to have your Mother Advisors get your names to Mom Barbara Parisella to get your membership/service necklaces from Supreme.

The 2018-2020 "Friendship Blooms Where Rainbow Is Planted" session will focus on membership and service. A beautiful necklace has been selected which can be filled with the jewels of our Order. Each jewel requires either being the first-line signer on an Application for Membership OR reporting 20 hours of community service. The blue (Fidelity) jewel will be awarded for first-line signers, recognizing their fidelity to our Order by bringing in new members. All other jewels will be awarded, in order, based on 20 hours of community service. Community service, for the purpose of this program, is recognized service within each jurisdiction. That is, participation in the jurisdiction's statewide service project, a local assembly's term service project, independent service such as cleaning a park, providing uncompensated tutoring to a non-family member,uncompensated babysitting for a non-family member, etc. Service hours reported at a member's local assembly can (and should) be included in this program. The goal is for our members to have a very full necklace at the end of two years!

Adults who wish to participate are welcome to report their service hours as well. Adults are asked to pay a one-time fee of $6 to cover the cost of the necklace. Please contact Mom Barbara Parisella to earn your necklace and jewels.

Lots of fliers for girls, parents, pledges, and even alumni, pencils (only 5 cents each) with and as well as the Rainbow emblem on them are available for promotional activities as well as either one or both of our pull-up banners and a new blue table cloth that says Call Mom Therrien for these promotional items.