Special Announcements

Coming Events


March 14th 7:30 PM Mother Advisor/Grand Deputy meeting at Ethan Place

March 18th 3 PM Grand Officers' rehearsal at Westerly for Grand Officers' Day.

March 21st 7:30 PM Grand Assembly Committee meeting at Ethan Place. We hope to hold this meeting to ONE Hour so that we may have a Supreme Trip meeting at 8:30 PM and save a night out.

March 31st Grand Officers' Day at East Greenwich 10 AM Grand Officer rehearsal Attire- dresses/skirts 12 noon Grand Choir rehearsal Attire: white gowns. Make sure to eat lunch before you start rehearsal as there will not be time after rehearsal and before the meeting. Grand Officers make sure to bring lunch as you will only have an hour. Attire will be white gowns as so many Grand Officers are from East Greenwich.

Apparel will be on sale at Grand Officers' Day sweats, jackets, tees, also, the last four umbrellas

April 14th 10AM to 4 PM Grand Charity event at Westerly Invite friends to come and join you in raising funds for our charity and having a great, fun filled day. Lots of food as well. Pledge sheets have been handed out to your representative.

Grand Charity Read and Game A Thon Representative meeting to be held immediately after Grand Officers' Day. Please make sure you have an Assembly Representative there. Thank you. Kiya

Hostess Assemblies needed for Grand Officers' Day in August (taken by South Kingstown) and March (taken by Woodridge), Grand Officers' Reception (building only as Grand Assembly is the Hostess) (Taken by Pawtucket) in September, Leadership in late January early February (building only as Grand Assembly is the Hostess) (Taken by Westerly), and Grand Representatives' Day in May (Taken by East Greenwich).

2017-2018 tees when they are gone they are gone 1 small for $12 and 1- 2XL, 1- 3xl for $14 all short sleeved.

large golf umbrellas with all Rainbow colors and more $20 only 4 left then no more will be ordered

Two OES long nylon gown bag in burgundy- at $32. Last ones as company has gone out of business one short royal blue Rainbow at $27

Have a full order of navy sweat pants $25 and $28 in navy and gray.

Remember Rainbow when shopping on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support us when you shop for holiday gifts. #StartWithaSmile at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/05-6013531 and Amazon donates.


Individual- "My Rainbow Lab Report 17-18" ages 11-14, 15-17, and 18-21 up to 5 double sided pages Handmade Deadline is July 13th at 4 PM To be turned in to Hostess Advisor Prize: $50 check Separate page with name, birthdate, age Clarifications: this is a scrapbook with no more than five plastic sleeves with pictures on both sides. Total 10 pages not including covers. All pictures must be labeled Handmade Due by 4 PM on Friday, July 13th to hostess advisor at Grand Assembly. There will be separate sign in sheets by age categories to note date, time, birthdate, and signatures. No name on scrapbook but on separate page and will be relabeled without personal identification. Judges will be in and out of state adult guests and results are due to Mom Kristen Lawson, PGWA, GEC, by the Grand Cross of Color Degree on Saturday. All to be placed on table in foyer for review.

Assembly- find or make a meme typical of your Assembly not GWA year not WA terms $20 Donut Cake which we will pay for BUT you must pick up. To include Assembly Name and number. To end up 11 x 14 Due when the Worthy Advisors and Mother Advisors are presented. Mother Advisor to carry and Worthy Advisor to have one or two line explanation after she introduces her Mother Advisor. After presentation to be put on table in foyer for review. Judges will be out of state girls and results are due by Grand Cross of Color.

Travel Gavel - To get it you must go "steal" it with at least 25% of your girls on the books as of Dec. 31, 2017. The Assembly that steals it the most during the year will receive a reward at Grand Assembly 2018. As of today, the gavel is at Woodridge Assembly. Next meeting is Saturday, March 3 at 10am.

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"