Special Announcements

Coming Events

May 4 6:30 p.m. Murder Mystery and Ice Cream Social, sponsored by the Grand Chapter of RI, OES to benefit Rainbow and DeMolay. At Washington Masonic Center (where East Greenwich meets). Rainbow casual, and 50's style clothing is encouraged. Free to Rainbow and DeMolay. Notify your Mother Advisor if you are planning to attend. Bring shoes!

May 11 6:30 - 10 p.m. Spring Fling Dance sponsored by the Grand Lodge/Grand Chapter Youth Committees. Hawaiian theme is encouraged. Free to all. Invite friends! Snack food provided. Bring shoes!

May 18 11 a.m. Ritual Competition at East Greenwich #4

1:30 p.m. Grand Representatives' Day - Grand Representative reports and tote bags. Announcement of 2019-20 Grand Family and theme. Bring shoes!

May 22 Restaurant Fundraiser at Gregg's restaurant, 1359 Post Road, Warwick. The flyer and coupons are attached separately. Valid for dine in and takeout. Present a paper copy of the coupon, and Grand Assembly will receive 10% of all sales generated. Invite your family and friends to participate.

May 31-June 2 Maine Grand Assembly

June 8 8 a.m. Meet at the Shrine Club OR 8:30 a.m. meet at the parade start on Narragansett Parkway for the Gaspee Parade. All Rainbow and DeMolay are encouraged to attend.

June 9 1-4 p.m. Field Day at Rocky Hill School. Sponsored by the Grand Lodge/Grand Chapter Youth Committees. Invite your friends to a fun-filled afternoon of games.

June 12 7:30 p.m. Grand Assembly meeting, Ethan Place

June 14 6-10 p.m. Scholarship Gala of the Eastern Star Foundation of RI at the Shrine Club. Rainbow Girls will attend for free. Contact your Mother Advisor if you would like to attend.

June 23-25 North Carolina Grand Assembly 27-30 South Carolina Grand Assembly 28-29 Massachusetts Grand Assembly

July 5-7 New Hampshire Grand Assembly


The Pledge Mothers met recently to share ideas and to promote the Pledge program in our state. They have decided to name their Pledge Groups based on the values that the program instills. If you know of a girl between the ages of 6 and 10, invite her a Pledge event.
East Greenwich Pledge Group is Kindness
South Kingstown Pledge Group is Friendship
Warwick Pledge Group is Happiness
Westerly Pledge Group will be named soon
They have lots of great ideas, so stay tuned for more events and new ideas.

Thank you to Mom Barbara Parisella for her talk on peer pressure as our Youth Protection Training at Grand Officers' Day. If you missed it, or would like additional information, here is a link from the Employee Assistance Program's newsletter.
"Help your child explore what it takes to be successful at thwarting peer pressure. With the start of school again, there's no time like the present for this information. Try some fun role plays and skill builders. Circumventing peer pressure has five key components: 1) Saying "No" - Learning how and meaning it. 2) Situation Avoidance - Taking action to steer clear of events likely to include peer pressure. 3)Understanding Consequences - Accepting that giving in to peer pressure has consequences and effects. 4) Valuing Self-worth - Having confidence and valuing self-worth over peer approval. 5) Resilience - Learning to recover from disapproval by peers (including bullying, which often accompanies peer pressure) for making the right choice.
Discover: www.yourlifecounts.org/blog/20-ways-avoid-peer-pressure

Reminder: This year, we will all be updating our background checks. Watch for details soon.

large golf umbrellas with all Rainbow colors and more $20 only 4 left then no more will be ordered

Two OES long nylon gown bag in burgundy- at $32. Last ones as company has gone out of business one short royal blue Rainbow at $27

Have a full order of sweat pants $25 and $28 in navy and gray.

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Individual Contest Ages: 11-13, 14-17, 18-21. Come up with your own spell or charm
(Rainbow related). Examples of what the spell could do: - Put the crown perfectly ready on your head - Setting up/taking down the assembly room - Ironing the altar cloth - Finding your shoes, etc. These spells or charms will be performed at Grand Assembly instead of the Assembly project. You will go up, perform your spell/charm and say a little explanation as to what it does.

Assembly Contest A year at Hogwarts: Assembly Scrapbook: A scrapbook of the year, following their own assembly, not the grand level, however Grand Functions may be added if the assembly chooses.
Both of these contests will be judged by the out-of-state guests at Grand Assembly 2019.

Travel Gavel - To get it you must go "steal" it with at least 25% of your girls on the books as of Dec. 31, 2017. The Assembly that steals it the most during the year will receive a reward at Grand Assembly. As of today, the gavel is at East Greenwich Assembly.

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"