Special Announcements

Coming Events

November 1st - December 31st Grand Family application period open.

Saturday, November 4th 3 PM Grand Faith Scholarship Committee meeting at Woodridge to finalize details for the 18th

Wednesday, November 8th 7:30 PM Supreme 2018 planning for all who are interested in possibly attending. Mom Miller is willing to take deposits any time now so that you may start saving. At Ethan Place

Sunday, November 12th 1:00 PM Grand Cross of Color Obligatory luncheon at Chelos on Post Road (Members only)Each member is asked to bring something for the food bank for the Grand Choir collection.

Saturday, November 18th 1-4 PM at Woodridge Assembly Grand Faith project for the Scholarship Fund Faith Representatives to arrive at 11 AM to set up. Cost: $12. Money and reservation due by November 11th. Bring friends

Sunday, November 26th JGEC at 1 PM

Saturday, December 9th 3 PM Caroling at Ethan Place Each Assembly to bring a plate of homemade cookies. Grand Assembly will provide hot chocolate. Mom Hefler and Mom Therrien will be in charge as I will be on a family cruise.

NOTE: Grand Officers' Day in March will be at East Greenwich not Woodridge and Grand Representatives' Day in May at Woodridge not EG. Mom Lynn wrote them down incorrectly. Sorry to confuse everyone.

2017-2018 tees when they are gone they are gone

1 small, 1 Xl, for $12 and 1 2XL, 1 3xl for $14 all short sleeved
long sleeved 1 XL at $14 and 1 2xl at $16.

large golf umbrellas with all Rainbow colors and more $20 only 4 left then no more will be ordered

one OES long nylon gown bag in burgundy- at $32. Last ones as company has gone out of business one short royal blue Rainbow at $27

Have a full order of navy sweat pants $25 and $28 Have 12 pair of charcoal ordered. Need at least 8 more to order more charcoal or other colors as listed in previous email. MUST be prepaid!!!! Cost $25 and $28.

Have orders for light blue, gold, navy, and white sweater jackets. Need total of 12 more orders prepaid in order to place an order. $16 and $18.

Remember Rainbow when shopping on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support us when you shop for holiday gifts. #StartWithaSmile at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/05-6013531 and Amazon donates.

CONTESTS will be posted next month with exception of boxes for each collection Prize $25 Westerly Assembly received the $25 as it was the first to call

Travel Gavel - To get it you must go "steal" it with at least 25% of your girls on the books as of Dec. 31, 2016.The Assembly that steals it the most during the year will receive a reward at Grand Assembly 2018. As of today, the gavel is at Warwick Assembly. Next meeting is Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 10 AM.

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"