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Welcome to the Rhode Island Rainbow Girls Website!

The Rhode Island Grand Assembly is a proud member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls ?a non-profit youth group that teaches girls what matters most ?leadership, confidence, and citizenship. Every day, across the globe, hundreds of thousands of girls come together to laugh, share, and grow through fun events and challenging workshops mac designed to empower girls of all ages. Rainbow Girls volunteer for their community and travel to other clubs. Along the way, they make new friends and gather invaluable life skills that help them become the best daughter, sister, and friend they can be.

Whether their dream is to become the CEO of their own company, a talented artist, or a loving mother, Rainbow Girls learn that they can accomplish anything, and in the process, they can make a difference in this world.

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls has been a vital part of the lives of young women since its founding in 1922. Members hail mac from 48 states and eight foreign countries. Rainbow is open to all girls ages 11 to 20 regardless of race or creed. Although no specific religion is followed, members are encouraged to hold a belief in the Supreme Being. The I.O.R.G. came to Rhode Island in 1925 when Providence #1 was formed. Since then we have grown to have assemblies in all parts of the state.


polo ralph lauren,ralph lauren polo shirts

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